You know you’re a Mom when…

You know you're a mom

We all have moments that scream, I’m a MOM! Here are 20 tell-tale signs that give you away. You know you’re a Mom when…

1. You go to grab your wallet out of your purse and find a half eaten granola bar, a used tissue, a Lego, and a couple of crayons.

2. The backseat of your car looks like a mobile playroom.

3. You have spit up running down the back of your shirt and you don’t realize it until the kind cashier at the grocery store points it out to you.

4. You pick up your baby or un-potty trained toddler to smell their butt because you can’t tell if your kid is the one who stinks!

5. You slice your finger while chopping onions and when you go to get a Band-Aid realize the only kind you have are decorated with Frozen or Dora characters!

6. You’ve got bags under your eyes, your hair is a mess and you are wearing the same p.j.s two days in a row, but you don’t care because you are so focused on your beautiful baby.

7.  A bath turns into the local splash pad.

8. You melt at the sight of your kids cuddling, playing or laughing together!

9. You can’t remember the last time you went to the bathroom without an audience.

10. You’re on a date night and every time you see kids around the same age as yours you can’t help but wonder what your kids are up to.

11. Waking up at 7:30 is considered sleeping in.

12. You look forward to nap time but miss them when they are sleeping.

13. You go shopping for a new outfit and instead come home with bags full of clothes for your kids.

14. You realize you can hardly remember life before kids, even though your oldest is only a toddler.

15.  You hear your own Mom’s voice coming out of your mouth!

16. You question at least once a week if you are cut out for this job, but you wouldn’t trade it for anything!

17. You find yourself singing kids songs while doing just about anything!

18. You barely ate at all this week because you were constantly chasing or picking up after your toddler(s) and you still gained 10 pounds!

19. You never leave home without snacks, water cups and antibacterial wipes.

20. After a long day with your kiddos you want nothing more than to cuddle them until they fall asleep.

Do you have anything else to add to the list? Tell us below.

Live, Laugh, Love,


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