You Are NOT Alone

you are not alone

You are NOT alone.

To the single parents who are playing the role of both mom and dad, trying to create the best family holiday you can, you are a Rockstar!
You are NOT alone.

To those who have lost loved ones and are having a difficult time, we are sending you lots of love.
You are NOT alone.

To those who are battling illness or depression. We are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers.
You are NOT alone.

To anyone who is stressed out, over worked, tired, or has the holiday blues. We understand.
You are NOT alone.

No matter what is going on in your life, please know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

At a time where we are surrounded by holiday cheer, parties, gift-giving and family traditions, you’d think everyone would be in the holiday spirit. But for many, the holidays are a difficult and stressful time.

Please remember to be KIND this holiday season and always. If you encounter someone who does not seem to be in the holiday spirit, instead of judging that person, be compassionate. You don’t know their story.

Happy Holidays, Friends!

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