Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide For Kids Who Love Shopkins!


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Do your kids love Shopkins? If you answered YES, you’ve come to the right place! If you’re wondering, what in the heck are Shopkins?! They are currently one of the most popular toys for kids! Shopkins are grocery-store themed characters that kids can collect, share, and trade. If your kids like Shopkins, you’re going to want to get your kids something off this list!

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Here is this years Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Kids who LOVE Shopkins! In this gift guide you will find the hottest Shopkins toys this season!


  1.  Shopkins – Tall Mall Playset $38
    Kids will love this multi-level Shopkins Mall Playset! This set includes 4 exclusive Shopkins that you won’t find anywhere else!
  2. Shopkins Season 5 Super Shopper Pack $29
    Includes 26 Shopkins and 6 Backpacks. There are 4 exclusive Shopkins hidden inside!
  3. Shopkins Food Fair Playset – Cupcake Queen Cafe $18
    This fun Cupcake Shop is a Shopkins favorite!
  4. Shopkins Season 5 Collectors Case $26
    Comes with 8 exclusive Shopkins and stickers to decorate the case.
  5. Shopkins Groovy Smoothie Juice Truck with Pineapple Lily Shoppies Doll $40
    This is a great addition to your Shopkins collection! Pineapple Lily actually fits inside to drive the truck!
  6. Shopkins Supermarket Playset $25
    This playset is super cute and comes with 2 exclusive Shopkins!
  7. Shopkins Kids 5 Piece Bed in a Bag $95
    This is the perfect bed set for kids who love Shopkins!
  8. Shopkins Season 5, 12 Pack $10
    This item is a best seller. Includes 2 hidden Shopkins, 2 backpacks and 2 Shopkins charms.
  9. Thermos Shopkins Funtainer Stainless Steel Bottle $25
    This stainless steel thermos keeps liquids cold for up to 12 hours!
  10. Shopkins Season 5 Mega Pack $15
    Jump start your child’s collection with 20 items. Collectors guide included.
  11. Shopkins Shoppies – Bubbleisha $20
    This doll is so cute and comes with 2 exclusive shopkins!

There you have it, folks. This years gift guide for the hottest Shopkins toys. Hope you found what you we’re looking for. Happy Shopping!

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