Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide For Kids Who Love Building

Ultimate gift guide for kids who love to build

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If your kids love to build, then you’re in the right place! Here you will find all of the top ranked toys for building. From Magna-Tiles to Lego’s you’re little builders are sure to love everything on this list!

Best toys for kids who love building:

  1. Magna-Tiles $120 (2-10 years)
    Year after year, Magna-Tiles continue to be the favorite building toy. With Magna-Tiles, you don’t have to worry about blocks crashing down, or snapping tiny pieces together. Because they are joined by magnets, kids are able to build elaborate structures. Watch their imaginations run wild as the play possibilities are endless.
  2. Wedgits $29 (3-7)
    These open-ended building toys are great for quiet time play. Kids can build using the patterns included or let their creativity take lead and design something on their own. Be forewarned that Wedgits are not just fun for kids, many adults enjoying playing with Wedgits too!
  3. TinkerToy $24 (3+ years)
    TinkerToy is a classic! My brother and I had a set when we were little and loved it! TinkerToy is a great way to advance your child’s education with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math).
  4. Imaginets $44 (3-6 years)
    These flat building toys are great for travel. Your kids can use the pattern cards that are included or create their own masterpiece. The magnet board surface also doubles as a dry erase board. Perfect for drawing a backdrop. Imaginets boost fine motor and visual thinking skills.
  5. K’nex Deluxe Building Set – 375 pieces $27 (6+ years)
    Another great building toy that I played with as a kid. If your kid likes Lego’s, then they are going to Love K’nex! The building possibilities are endless with this unique building system. With real moving parts your kids will have hours of fun with K’nex! The Ultimate Gift Guide For Kids Who Love Building! Click To Tweet
  6. Tobbles $25 (babies and toddlers)
    This innovative creative building toy is great for developing your child’s sensory exploration, fine motor skills, and coordination. With Tobbles even babies can build too!
  7. Melissa & Doug Standard Unit Blocks – 60 piece set $55 (3+ years)
    These are the perfect starter blocks for younger kids! These blocks are made to last. Smooth sturdy wood, perfectly shaped, and easy for your children to grip.
  8. Lego Chain Reactions Craft Kit $14 (7-15 years)
    Lego meets the popular board game Mouse Trap with their Chain Reactions Craft Kit. Your kids will have hours of fun building actual moving machines!
  9. Lego Master Builder Academy Kit 1 Space Designer MBA 20200 $60 (8-12 years)
    These kits are simply amazing! They come with books to teach your kids how build different models, as well as guide them on how to create their own masterpiece. If your big kid likes to build, this will not disappoint!

Ultimate gift guide for kids who love to build

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