Top 10 Best Family Gift Ideas

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Some of the best Christmases I had growing up, were the ones where my parents got a big gift for the whole family. One year they surprised us with a trip to Disney World, and another year they got a legit Karaoke machine. My husband and I have decided to keep up with tradition and do a family gift every year. Whether it’s a material item or a gift of togetherness, family gifts are a great way to encourage family time and to create lasting memories. You don;t have to spend a fortune on a family gift either. The point is to get something the whole family can do together! Here are my top 10 best family gift ideas.

top 10 best family gift ideasA Karaoke Machine: What better way to bring the family together than belting out a few tunes? I grew up having karaoke nights with my family and we had some unforgettably fun times!
Singing Machine SML385BTW Top Loading CDG Karaoke System with Bluetooth, Sound and Disco Light Show – $50

gifts your family can use togetherFun Games: Games are always a great way to bring your family together. Especially games that cause big belly laughs. Try picking a fun interactive game like Pie Face. There is nothing more fun than seeing mom and dad get hit with a pile of whipped cream!
Pie Face – $15

gifts your family can use together

Family Fun Day: Surprise your family with a fun family day. You could go to a local amusement park, zoo, etc. Fill a box with different things you’ll need for your day of fun. Include a certificate to tell your family where you are going and what you’ll be doing! You could also do this with a family vacation.
All items you see above can be found here!

Gifts for the whole family

Ice Cream Maker: What family doesn’t scream for ice cream?! An ice cream maker is a great gift the whole family can enjoy year round.
Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker – $55

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Gifts for the whole family

Wii u Deluxe: Bring family game night to a whole new level. With many interactive games to enjoy, this one is sure to be a hit!
Nintendo Wii U Deluxe – $300

Gifts your family can use together

Popcorn Popper: A popcorn popper is great to have for game night, movie night or just a fun snack!
Presto PopLite Hot Air Popper – $19

Gifts for your whole family

Game Table: Whether you choose Foosball, Air Hockey, or Pool, these are all fun interactive games the whole family will enjoy.
Atomic Pro Force Foosball Table – $250

Gifts your family can use togetherPizza Oven: Have a family pizza night and make your own pizza! This is a fun way to get everyone excited about a family dinner!
CuiZen PIZ-4012 Pizza Box Oven – $60

gifts for the whole familySmartphone projector: This awesome gadget allows you to project videos or photos from your smartphone, camera, computer, gaming system, or SD card. Great for backyard movie nights!
Crenova XPE460 LED Video Projector Home Projector – $105

gifts for the whole familyGoPro: A great way to capture your families outdoor adventures! This is a must have for any active family.
GoPro Hero+ – $140

Hopefully this list inspired you to get a family gift this year. Whether you buy a game table or take your family to the Zoo, the time spent together is what’s important!

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