The Not So Perfect Family Photo

Trying to take a near “perfect” picture with toddlers is like trying to perform a magic trick. There are so many factors that are involved and if even the slightest complication occurs, BOOM, it’s over. As hard as we’ve tried to take a decent family photo, we seemed to have mastered the not so perfect family photo instead.

Up until this point, I was convinced that it was possible to capture that perfect photo with two little ones. But alas I was wrong, DEAD WRONG! It’s impossible! (For our family anyway.) We’ve tried everything from bribes to making funny gestures and noises. Nothing works! I have to wonder what type of magic or sorcery is involved with the families who get those perfect pics. I’ve seen them, I know they exist. Heck, some of my friends have managed to take great family pictures. So what’s our problem?

It could be that our girls are super active and have a million better things to do then sit still for a photo. Or, they could be plotting against us knowing that we are dying to get that perfect family picture. Whatever it is, I have decided to no longer fight it. I have finally give in to the fact that for the next couple of years, family photos are going to be less than stellar. Although we never capture that perfect picture, we always end up with some pretty priceless photos instead.

I always had high hopes whenever we took family pictures, whether they be professional or spur of the moment. For photo shoots I would pick out the perfect outfit for each person and would spend hours looking up cute poses for us to do on Pinterest. Not anymore! I don’t have the time or energy to sit through an hour photo shoot where both kids end up crying and we have zero useable photos. One day we’ll get there but for now I’m good with not trying.

Candid shots have become my new favorite. Let’s capture us having fun together. Forget about cute poses with everyone beaming at the camera. I’m all about throwing the girls in the air, playing a game of tag or tickling them. Let’s face it, a somewhat chaotic picture where everyone is smiling and having fun is much better than pictures of us stiff, unhappy and either not looking at the camera or making some sort of hideous face. So from now on, organized chaos it is! Hey at least we are truly capturing our family dynamic at this point in our lives!

Here are some examples as to why I gave up on up trying to take a “perfect” family picture.

My husbands face says it all!


I promise the girls were having a good time until we tried to take a picture!


The girls are clearly more interested in whatever is going on off the train!


These girls sure don’t look like they’re at the “Happiest Place on Earth”!


Just wanted a cute pic of the girls with Daddy at the pumpkin patch.
Hello girls, I’m up here!


Beautiful background, meanwhile little sis is pushing to get off my lap
and big sis isn’t looking at the camera. Great.


We can’t even get it together to take the darn picture! I’m done!

Have you had good luck taking family pictures? Share your pictures and stories below!


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