The Importance of Holiday Traditions


Like many of you, the holidays hold a special place in my heart. It’s a time of magic, excitement, family, love and giving. As a child, I always looked forward to the holidays. My Mom did such a great job creating traditions and keeping the wonder alive. As an adult, with kids of my own, I have fun passing down these special traditions along with creating new ones.

In a time where the world is full of negativity, we need to be reminded that there is so much to celebrate and be thankful for. Traditions are a great way to celebrate family. No matter what holiday you celebrate, creating some sort of family tradition is important.

When family traditions are passed down, they bond the past with the present. They give everyone involved a sense of belonging and stability. Regardless of what is going on in life, family members look forward to the consistency these special traditions bring. Traditions bring a family together in a special way which creates memories that last a lifetime.

Holiday traditions can be anything from attending a holiday themed event to cooking a special holiday meal. Don’t get caught up in trying to create the perfect holiday tradition. Focus on the importance of spending time together and bonding with your family.

If you need some inspiration or ideas, here are some of my families favorite Christmas traditions:

Adopt a family or a child: It’s important to teach your kids that the holidays are about giving, not receiving. There are many ways to help those in need. Adopting a family or a child is a great way to teach kids about helping others. You can find families and kids in need through local churches, non-profit programs, schools, etc. A lot of times you are able to go and personally drop off the items for the family or kids. Such a great way to teach the importance of giving and helping others.

Family Christmas Tree Decorating Party: This has always been one of my favorite holiday traditions! Every year since I was a kid we have always had a special night were we decorate our tree. We wear Christmas PJs, listen to Christmas music, snack on special appetizers (things you don’t eat everyday) and enjoy special drinks (champagne for the adults and sparkling cider for the kids). Every year the kids get a new ornament to add to the tree. By they time they are old enough to have their own tree, they will have a collection of special ornaments to decorate with. Be sure to label the boxes so you always know what year the ornament is from.

Count down to Christmas: Get a Christmas calendar that can be used year after year. It could be a free standing calendar with doors that the kids open each day, or a hanging calendar with pockets. Either way, everyday the kids get a little something in or near their calendar. It could be coins for their piggy bank, a piece of holiday candy, crayons and a coloring book. Small things that don’t cost much. My Mom started this tradition when my brother and I were little. I have passed the tradition down to my girls and changed it a bit. It’s fun to watch the girls run to their calendars each morning!

Holiday Event: Pick a Holiday Event that you and your family can attend year after year. Whether it be an annul event in your town, a holiday play or a trip to Disneyland, it is so much fun to have a traditional event to attend together as a family. Each year you can discuss how the event has changed, reminisce about the previous years and enjoy making new memories as a family.

Christmas Morning Breakfast: Pick a special breakfast to have on Christmas morning. It doesn’t matter what the breakfast is, just that every year you have the same thing. We have caramel rolls, beef hash, poached eggs and fruit. It’s so yummy and special because the only time we have it, is on Christmas morning! If you need some ideas Pinterest is full of them!

What holiday traditions do you celebrate with your family? Share your favorites below!

Live, Laugh, Love,

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