The After Holiday Blues


And just like that, the holidays came and went. As I take all the ornaments off of the tree and put the decorations away, I can’t help but feel a whirl wind of emotions. Ever since I was a kid the holidays have been jam-packed with traditions, delicious foods and fun events. It’s a time full of excitement and feel good moments that always seem to come to a screeching halt the first week of January.

I know that after New Years the Christmas music stops and the decorations come down, but I’m never ready. The house looks so bare without all its holiday charm. The girls and I still have Christmas songs stuck in our heads. Which would drive most people crazy, but I love it. I love everything about the holiday season! OK, so maybe not everything but most things.

I have to admit that as an adult, the holidays have become a bit more stressful. Trying to make those couple of months as magical for my girls as my mom made for me, can be tough. Staying up late, trying to figure out what mischief the Fall Fairies should get into that night, or where Holly our Elf should hide next can be exhausting. BUT it’s all worth it to see their little faces light up at every turn.

This was the first year that both girls were old enough to enjoy all of our family traditions throughout the holiday season. We have a lot of them and it was so much fun watching their excitement and remembering how it felt to experience these things when I was a kid. It was refreshing to see that both girls were always truly in the moment. They had no expectations and no worries. They were fully present and in awe of what was going on around them. I wish that I could say the same for myself. However watching my girls is a great reminder as to what is really important, especially during these special times.

As I pack up the last box of decorations, I take a look around the room. The walls look bare, the mantel looks empty and the girls are bummed that it’s all over. Normally I too have the after holiday blues, but not today. Today I am content. I think back to all we did over the holiday season and I can’t help but smile. We created new traditions, we cherished old traditions, we had great times with family and friends. It was busy and sometimes stressful, but it was also full of love and memories that will last a lifetime.

While my oldest daughter watches me put the lid on that last box, she has a sad look on her face. I asked her what was wrong and she said she was sad that the holidays were over. I reminded her that part of what makes the holidays so special, is that they only come once a year. She smiles and said, “Well, we can still have special times even when it’s not the holidays.” We sure can sweetheart, we sure can!

With that I say fare well to another great holiday season. I’m left feeling fulfilled, thankful and looking forward to the next!

Do you get the after holiday blues or are you happy to see them go? Let us know below.

Live, Laugh, Love,                                                                                                       Kristin    

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