Our Thankful Tree – A Thanksgiving Craft

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching and although I’ve noticed that a lot of people are jumping right into Christmas, I want to pause for a moment and focus on the time of year that is dedicated to reflecting on what we’re thankful for. This year we started a new tradition, we created a Thankful Tree. What is a Thankful Tree, you ask? It’s a tree that is made up of everything you and your family members are thankful for. The neat thing is, there are many different ways your family can create a Thankful Tree. What are you thankful for?
Thankful Tree

What You Need:

4 pieces of brown construction paper (used to create a tree trunk)
Multiple pieces of colored paper for your hand prints (red, yellow, orange, green..)

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3 Ways to create your family’s Thankful Tree:

30 Day Thankful Challenge: In this challenge, you create a tree trunk on a wall in your home. Everyday throughout the month of November, each family member places a cut out of their hand print (with what they are thankful for written on it) near the trunk so by the end of the month, the hand prints become the leaves of the tree.

Thankful Tree Decoration: Find a place in your home to create your tree trunk. Cut out several hand prints for everyone in your family. If you have 4 people, I would do at least 5 hand prints per person. Have each person write what they are thankful for on the hand prints and put them up to look like leaves on a tree. You can add leaves throughout the month, or just leave it as is, for a beautiful reminder of your family’s many blessings.

Thanksgiving Day: If you are hosting Thanksgiving at your house, you can have all of your guests participate in creating your Thankful Tree. Build your tree trunk somewhere in your house prior to your event start time. As guests arrive, point them to a table that has colored papers, scissors and pens. Ask them to cut out their hand print, write down what they are thankful for, and then place their hand print on the wall. By the end of your gathering, you will have a beautiful tree filled with all of the things your family and friends are thankful for.

This craft is so easy and something that the whole family can enjoy. What better way to bring your family together than talking about all the blessing in your lives.

Thankful Tree

Happy Thanksgiving!


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