Nina needs to go…AWAY!


So I’m a huge Disney fanatic. Ever since I can remember I have loved pretty much everything Disney. Which in turn means my girls have also become huge Disney fans. (Even my husband has been sucked into the Disney madness.) However once in a while Disney will produce something that’s not to my personal liking and right now that something is the short, ‘Nina needs to go!’.

If you are unfamiliar with ‘Nina needs to go!’ or if you enjoy her potty escapades then I apologize in advance for my little rant. My daughters love the Disney short. In fact, my oldest daughter will request to watch it. (Oh darn, I can’t find it anymore. I don’t know what happened.) So why am I so bothered by this Nina you ask? Here’s why…

Nina needs to go…AWAY! Or at least learn, not to wait to go. The first time I saw a Nina short I thought, this is great! Nina is super cute and her youthful Nana make for a fun way to get kids interested in going potty. After watching several episodes I’m just frustrated. Annoyed really. Not only does she never learn the lesson “don’t wait to go”, her insanely energetic, daredevil Nana always shows up with her magic umbrella to get her to the bathroom in the nick of time. (Awesome, right?! Well it was the first couple times.)

Instead of teaching kids not to hold it until the last minute, they are teaching them it’s ok to hold it, because someone will always be there with a magic umbrella to slide across electrical wires and get them to the bathroom. Ok, not really, but you know what I mean. I know it’s just a show and not the end all be all of potty training. (Thank goodness for that) But if your kids are anything like mine, when they watch something they absorb a lot. Every episode ends with Nina saying “Now I know, don’t wait to go!”. But then, in the next episode we find her in a similar situation as the ones prior. The point of the show is to help with potty training. So Disney, I’m calling you out! Change it up a bit. Why don’t you have Nina learn to use the bathroom when she needs to and help teach other kids the lesson of “don’t wait to go”. She can even have her crazy Nana as her side kick.

I’m sure there will be many more episodes where Nina proclaims that she’s learned “don’t wait to go”. But we all know that’s a lie. So from now on, no more Nina. Or at least until both girls have learned the valuable lesson, don’t wait to go!

Anyone else have a beef with Nina? Sound off below!

Live, Laugh, Love,

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