My girls are climbers!

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Both of my girls are climbers! Yep, I said both. Which means I have several mini heart attacks throughout the day. (Medic!) When kids are born climbers it’s hard to keep their tiny feet on the ground. Trust me, I’ve tried just about everything! I’ve been told the best thing to do is let them climb in a safe environment, like an indoor play area or outdoor play gym. What I’ve realized is that climbing in those “safe zones” just builds their confidence. As soon as we get home I see them searching for the next challenge to conquer.

My youngest daughter will stand looking up at our high top table chairs with the “I got this” look on her face, then proceed to climb up one of the chairs. She also climbs up the massage chair, the couch, the rocking chair, on the coffee table… (You know you’re not an extreme climber right? Okay, great. Just checking.) Then there’s her big sis, the Queen of climbing! She climbs up and over the couch, over the baby gates, she even stacks things on top of the coffee table and tries to balance on them. (We’re not training for the circus here!) She recently climbed up onto the bathroom counter, put her feet in the sink and turned on the water because “her feet were dirty”. (She’s 3!) Hey, at least she cares about personal hygiene.

I am constantly redirecting them from climbing. I have to watch them like a hawk and it’s exhausting! Just when I think I have them engaged in an activity and turn to do something, BAM my oldest is scaling the couch and my youngest is on top of the coffee table! I’m convinced they may be little ninjas!

I have recently come to terms with the fact that my girls are brave, quick and love challenges. I’ve also realized, that with climbing they are learning balance, hand to eye coordination and are discovering their strengths. So I guess climbing is a positive? I mean, they aren’t going to be climbing on top of their teacher’s desk in kindergarten, right? So I am choosing to embrace their desire to conquer climbing over different objects in the house. (As long as it’s safe and I’m right there of course.) Otherwise my mini heart attacks may turn into a full blown cardiac arrest when I catch them on top of a piece of furniture!

Anyone else have a climber? Share your stories below.

Live, Laugh, Love,

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