Mother’s Day Footprint Flowers

Looking for Mother’s Day ideas? These sweet footprint flower keepsakes are both fun and easy to make. You can surprise Mom or Grandma with these Footprint Flowers or make these as a fun activity on Mother’s Day. This is a great way to get creative with your kids.

What You Need:

Footprint Flower

12″ x 16″ Canvas
Paint colors of your choice
Paint Brush

What to do:

Footprint Flower 1Paint one of your child’s feet. Be sure that there is enough paint to cover the entire foot but not too much paint where it is dripping off.

Footprint Flower 2

Make your first footprint. I always work from the inside out. Repeat steps and make the other footprint. I started with my youngest and made her footprints at a lower point on the canvas leaving room towards the top for my oldest daughter.

Footprint Flower 3

Repeat those steps with your next child. Let dry.

Footprint Flower

Once dry, paint your stem. If you have older kids you can let them do these next steps. If your kids are younger you can paint the stem yourself. Get creative, there is no right or wrong way to do this!

Footprint Flower 4

Once you have drawn your stem, add some leaves and start them stem on the next set of footprints.

Footprint Flower 5

Paint second stem and leaves. Let dry.

Footprint Flower 6

Once dry, add your grass. I did cross hatches to make my grass but you can make the grass any way you’d like.

Footprint Flower 7

Last, add a saying, title, quote or whatever you want. I went with Mommy’s Garden and the year.

This is such a fun activity to do with your kids! Make one for yourself or to give as a gift. I hung mine in our bedroom. My husband and I love seeing those little feet everyday!

Live, Laugh, Love,

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