Magic Jelly Beans


Everyone has heard the tale of Jack and the Beanstalk but have you heard about Magic Jelly Beans? Your kids will love to plant these special jelly beans and will be amazed by the magical garden that appears. This is a great activity to celebrate spring or include in your Easter traditions. Watch as the wonder and excitement grow when your kids plant Magic Jelly Beans!

What you need:


  • A Planting Pot
  • Materials to decorate the pot
  • Glue Gun
  • Jelly Beans
  • Potting Soil or Dirt (We got a bag of potting soil from the dollar store)
  • Items to fill your garden (see below)

What to do:


Decorate your planting pot. We used scrapbook materials from the craft store.


Fill your pot with dirt or potting soil. Since the bag of soil we bought at the dollar store only filled about half the pot, we used dirt in the bottom half and put the soil on top.


Plant the jelly beans. Have your kids make holes in the dirt, place a jelly bean in each hole and then cover up the holes with soil.


Water your jelly beans. If you want to keep this going for a few days, add a new element each day. When your kids go to water the jelly beans they will see the magic in the making. The first day sprinkle a little glitter on top of the soil. The next day have one silk flower or a small lollipop and so on. Continue to do this until you are ready for the big magical surprise.

Magic 2

Set up your magical garden. Since ours is going to sprout on Easter, I used silk flowers, Easter themed candies and filled some sparkly plastic eggs with little trinkets. Be creative and fill your garden with whatever you think your kids will like.

Happy Springtime!

Live, Laugh, Love,

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