Love Hand And Foot Print Sign

I love any art project involving hand and foot prints and I must say, this is one of my favorite projects to date! These adorable love signs make a wonderful keepsake. They are perfect for Mother’s Day! Whether you give them as a gift or make one with mom, your kids are going to have so much fun creating these signs. They will be so proud to see their adorable hand and foot prints hanging on the wall. =)

What You’ll Need:

11×14 Canvas
Paint brush (I used 2, a flat brush to paint the canvas, hands and feet, and a round brush to paint the letters)
Paint (You can use any color paint you’d like)

What To Do:


Start by painting your canvas. I let both girls do this step and would even out the strokes every once in a while. Let dry completely.


Next, paint your child’s left hand. Be sure there is enough paint so the hand print shows up but not too much where it is dripping off.



Make a hand print leaving room for the “l” on the left. Don’t worry if the hand prints aren’t perfect, as you will see the finish product will still come out great!

Love8 Love10

Paint your child’s left foot and make a foot print. Be sure to angle the foot to the left a little bit to make the “v”.  Again, don’t worry if they don’t come out perfect.



Paint the right foot and make the foot print. For older children you may need to overlap at the heels to leave room for the “e”.


Last, paint the “l” and the “e”. You may need to do 2 coats of paint. Let dry completely. You now have an adorable sign to hang up in your home or to give as a gift.

Live, Laugh, Love,

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