Heartfelt Review: BabySteps Scratch-Off Calendar


BabySteps Scratch-Off Calendar

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HeartIcon_love_smallI was recently contacted by Splash Brands to review their BabySteps Scratch-Off Calendar. Although I’m not currently pregnant, I sure wish I had one of these when I was! Everyday I would spend time online and on different pregnancy tracker apps to see what was going on in my pregnancy. Your baby is the size of a kumquat, today you can hear the heartbeat, your baby has tiny soft nails on her fingers and so on. By the end of the day I’d usually forget some, if not most of what I had read. (Thank you pregnancy brain!) It would have been nice to have this calendar hanging up to refer back to!

The BabySteps Scratch-Off Calendar would be great to use during your own pregnancy, or to give as a gift to someone who is expecting. Not only is this calendar super cute but it’s gender neutral so it’s perfect for all expecting parents-to-be!

The calendar comes in a cute, sturdy cardboard box that can be easily wrapped up for a gift or given just as is.


The calendar is poster size and can be pinned or taped up anywhere you’d like. It comes on sturdy gloss paper with bright colors and cute images. The calendar has 236 entertaining facts, tips and trivia for parents-to-be. It starts at week 5 and goes all the way to week 38. The first 4 weeks are uncovered so you don’t actually start scratching off until week 9. This is great for those of you wanting to give this as a gift or if you order it shortly after you find out you’re pregnant.


The spaces are very easy to scratch off and it’s easy to read the facts, tips and trivia. Each scratch-off pertains to the current stage of pregnancy you are in. It’s fun to see what is going on each day and refer back as your pregnancy progresses.


This calendar is a great way to keep the whole family involved with the pregnancy. Everyone can take turns scratching off a new space each day and then talk about whatever’s written.

The BabySteps Scratch-Off Calendar will make such a cute gift. I know I will be ordering this for my friends and family who become pregnant in the future!

If you would like to know more about Splash Brands you can visit their website or Facebook page.

To order a BabySteps Scratch-Off Calendar visit their Amazon page.



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