KnowMom! Recipe: Leprechaun Bait


As you know, I do ALL holidays BIG around here. I love making the different holidays fun for my family and especially love making holiday themed treats! Now that my oldest daughter “gets” what these holidays are all about, it’s so fun to see her light up whenever we do holiday themed crafts or baking. This year I decided to do some fun new things for St. Patrick’s Day. I mean, what’s more fun than trying to catch a Leprechaun?! This Leprechaun Bait is as delicious as it looks! And if it doesn’t help you catch a Leprechaun, it’s sure to win over anyone who enjoys a chocolaty mint treat!

What you’ll need:


2 Bags of White Chocolate Chips
1 10oz Bag Mint M&M’s
1 Pack of Oreo’s (Or similar style cookie)
1 Pack Andes Mints
Pretzels (Optional)
Green Sugar Sprinkles (Optional)

How To Make Leprechaun Bait:


Crush M&M’s, Oreos, Andes Mints and pretzels into small pieces.


Melt the white chocolate.


Pour the white chocolate onto a parchment paper lined baking sheet.


Sprinkle the ingredients all over the white chocolate.


Once the white chocolate is completely covered, lightly press down on the ingredients so they become embedded in the chocolate.
Freeze for 20 minutes.


Remove from freezer and break into pieces.


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Live, Laugh, Love,





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