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This will be an ongoing review throughout our Juice Plus+ journey. For those of you who are not familiar with Juice Plus+ or missed my original post introducing this product and why I have decided to start taking it, check out Our Juice Plus+ Journey to learn more. Without further adieu, here’s my Juice Plus+ review…


Heartfelt Review Rating:

I HeartIcon_love_smallam a total skeptic when it comes to stuff like this. There are so many different products out there that claim to do amazing things for your body. They generally cost a boat load and do little to nothing of what they claim. I can tell you with confidence that Juice Plus+ is NOT one of those products! To say that I am shocked about the results I have seen in just two weeks would be a total understatement! There are four main areas in which I have noticed major changes; food cravings, energy level, lupus symptoms and my periods. (Sorry if this last one is TMI!) I thought long and hard about sharing these last two areas with you. But then decided that if I’m going to give an honest review of this product, I have to divulge everything. It’s definitely taking me out of my comfort zone a little bit, but that is what helps us evolve and grow as human beings, right?

Food Cravings: I am a bread lover! No seriously, I eat bread everyday and would prefer to eat a sourdough baguette with pâté and cream cheese over most things. I usually wake up wanting toast or waffles and like to eat anything with bread for lunch; you get the idea. After just ONE week of taking Juice Plus+ my cravings started changing. On the 4th day I woke up wanting fruit for breakfast and salad for lunch. Now don’t get me wrong, I have always loved salads but I would usually have to have bread with it. Not anymore! I was completely satisfied with just a salad for lunch. Yippee! Now at two weeks in, my body is craving healthy foods instead of carbs, grease and sugar. Amazing!

Energy Level: As you know, I have two high energy, non-stop toddlers. I am constantly playing with them, cleaning up and chasing after them. That alone is exhausting! Alyssa has had a tough time sleeping this past week due to having a cold AND her 4 eye teeth coming in all at once! (My poor girl) Which means Mommy has also had a rough few nights of sleep. Normally I would be exhausted with gigantic dark circles under my eyes. But to my pleasant surprise, I’m not exhausted nor do I have my usual dark circles. I actually feel well rested even though I’m not, and I have so much extra energy, I have been getting a ton of things done! How is this possible?? I don’t understand what is happening but I’m loving it!

Lupus: At 18 I was diagnosed with Lupus. It runs in my family and for me, one of my biggest symptoms is joint pain. When I wake up some mornings, when the weather changes or I am in extreme heat or cold, my joints become so sore it is hard to do much of anything. My hands and fingers usually get it the worst. At times they become so stiff and painful I can barely move them. I also get stiffness and pain in my elbows and shoulders. When this happens I pump my body full of anti-inflammatory and pain meds. Although this doesn’t make the pain and stiffness completely go away, it does make it bearable so that I am able to complete my daily tasks. Over the last two weeks the weather in SoCal has dramatically changed. It went from 95 to 68 degrees in just a few days. Normally, I would be in so much pain but I’m not! My hands, shoulders and elbows are sore, but nowhere near what I have been dealing with for the last 20 years of my life. I hate taking any type of medication if I don’t absolutely have to and I have been able to tolerate the soreness without pain meds! I am in total disbelief! Seriously, am I dreaming?? This is too good to be true!

My Periods: Again, I am sorry if this is TMI but my dear friend Kim (the one who got me going on Juice Plus+) pointed out that this IS a Mommy blog after all, and our periods are part of what made us become mommies! (Thanks for the boost of confidence Kim!) Since the ripe age of 12 when I got my first period, they have been completely miserable! The first couple days I always spend in the fetal position due to extreme cramps. They get so bad that I usually vomit from the pain. I have to wear heat pads and pump my body full of pain meds to get through the day without feeling like I am going to die. Terrible, right?! I also have major bloating and light cramping the couple days leading up to the start of my period. I missed school due to my period and as an adult would sometimes miss work. It has been absolutely horrible, until now! I started my period 2 days ago without any warning signs. No bloating and no cramping! Once my period started I had a little bit of light cramping throughout the day but never had to wear a heat pad and only had to take over the counter ibuprofen once. Although my flow is just as heavy as it usually is, after the first day I’ve had no bloating or cramping. Truly AMAZING!

Two weeks of taking Juice Plus+ and I have had mind-blowing results! I am truly in disbelief as to how Juice Plus+ has effected my body so much in such a short amount of time. But this is the only explanation I can come up with since it’s the only thing different about my life style. I am beyond excited to see what other changes happen as I continue on my Juice Plus+ journey!

As far as Kailey goes, she has been taking her chewables daily with the exception of some protests yesterday and the day before. She went from asking if she could have more to not wanting to eat them at all. They seriously taste like really good fruit snacks, so I’m not sure what is going on there. I haven’t seen any major changes in her except for that she had no meltdowns on both days we were out running errands. I don’t know if that is directly related to Juice Plus+ or if it’s just been a good week. (Fingers crossed it’s the Juice Plus+ and the good behavior continues!) Only time will tell and I will give you another up date in a few weeks.


Heartfelt Review Rating:

HeartIcon_love_smallJust over a month of taking Juice Plus+ and there are positive results all around!

Everything I wrote in my last review still stands, which is totally amazing! The only new thing I have to report for myself is that over the past few weeks, both of the girls took turns having colds and I never got sick! I usually catch whatever they have a few days after they start to show symptoms; but not this time and I’m totally shocked. Thank goodness because being sick while taking care of sick kids is the pits!

As far as Kailey goes, I’m starting to see some major positive changes! Wahoo!! Not only have her meltdowns become few and far between, but she is also starting to crave healthier foods! Whenever we are preparing a meal with fruits and veggies she asks to taste them. She will start by sampling one of everything and go back for more of the ones she likes. OK, who is this kid and what happened to my fruit and veggie hating toddler? Not that I am complaining of course. It’s just that it’s too good to be true! She has been requesting veggies everyday for the past week and even asked my husband to pick up some carrots from the store today. I never thought I’d see the day where she asked for veggies!

I’m beyond excited to see what other positive changes occur for Kailey and myself as time goes on! I wish I knew about Juice Plus+ years ago!!

If you are interested in learning more about Juice Plus+ or would like to order your own, you can contact Kim through her Facebook page.

Cheers to a happy, healthy, well balanced life!

Live, Laugh, Love,



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