It Sucks Being Sick While Taking Care Of Toddlers


Let’s face it, being sick sucks! Add being a SAHM of two toddlers in the mix and life for the moment is miserable. Temp of 103, chills, body aches and two happy, energetic, very active toddlers running around make for a terrible day. They don’t understand why you’re not up running around with them like normal, and they are constantly climbing on you and pulling at you to come play. You try to remind them of how they were feeling last week or just the other day even, hoping to get some sympathy, but nope. I truly would not wish this situation on anyone! OK, maybe a couple of people. But really, it is just awful being sick while trying to care for your kids.

Here are my top 5 reasons it sucks being sick while taking care of toddlers:

  1. You can’t really rest. You feel like death and don’t want to move or be touched. You just want to curl up in a ball and try to sleep. But guess what, you have toddlers who need you. They need to be fed, taken potty, entertained, etc. Ahhhhhhh! Somebody help me, please!
  2. Your house looks like a bomb went off! There are toys everywhere and normally this would drive you totally insane, but not today. You look around and cringe at the mess and may even attempt to pick up a few toys. But really, who are you kidding? You feel awful and have zero energy. You know your spouse will be home in a couple of hours to help out, so you just embrace the mess for now. Oh wait, it’s only 12:30pm? Waaahhhhhh!
  3. It seems as if they want to cuddle you more than normal. Now this doesn’t sound like a bad thing and normally it wouldn’t be. BUT when your body is so achy that it feels like an elephant is laying on top of you when your loving child climbs up for a snuggle, not good. OUCH! Plus, you really don’t want them to get sick AGAIN!
  4. You end up watching more Mickey Mouse Club House than you’d like to admit, because that is the only thing that will keep your children occupied long enough to let you lay horizontal for more than 5 minutes.
  5. You realize that you really aren’t Super Mom and you can’t do it all. It’s always hard for me to not be moving. I’m one to push myself and make sure that the needs of my family are met no matter how I’m feeling. But there are the rare times when you are just too sick to do much of anything. You have to accept the fact that you are out of commission and things for the moment are not going to get done. UGH!

I love my girls more than anything. But when I am this sick (which is rare) I want my space. I want to curl up in my bed and sleep until the bug is gone. But since that can’t happen, I have to try my best to not be cranky, sick mommy. So, I will put a smile on my face and muster up as much energy as possible to get through the day without making my girls as miserable as I am!

How do you cope when you are sick and have kids to take care of? Share your tips and advice below.

Live, Laugh, Love,



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