I’m NOT Trying To Impress You…It’s All For My Kids!

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There have been a lot of negative posts floating around lately that call out the moms who throw their kids elaborate birthday parties, go all out for holidays and participate in Elf on a Shelf and Dinovember (or the Fall Fairies in my case). The articles question if these moms are really doing those things for their kids, or if they are doing them to impress others. I am guilty of ALL of the above and then some. Guess what, I actually enjoy it and so do my kids! I know, shocking, right! I love planning out detailed birthday parties and going above and beyond for holidays. It makes me happy and makes things extra special for everyone in our family.

To tell you the truth, I always go above and beyond in all that I do. I’m not trying to impress anyone, that’s just who I am and how I was raised. I have always decorated for most holidays and have even been known to throw a holiday theme party every now and then. Those close to me know that I genuinely love the planning, crafting and decorating. Sure it can be stressful at times but if it was killing me or taking away from time with my kids, then I wouldn’t be doing it.

I’m sick of other moms shamming me because I like to go above and beyond for my family. I don’t have to do these things but I want to. My mom did a lot of fun things for our family when I was growing up and I have some pretty amazing memories. I want my girls to experience something similar. Childhood is such a short period in your life and I want my girls childhood to be full of wonder and excitement.

What does it matter to you anyways? If I throw my daughters detailed birthday parties, paint and decorate their Easter baskets, stay up late doing Elf on the Shelf or Fall Fairies, is it going to ruin your day, month, year? I sure hope not. I don’t care that you don’t do these things. It doesn’t bother me that you don’t decorate much for your child’s birthday parties or set out a few snacks on a wobbly table. If you and your kids are happy, that’s all that matters. It’s not going to change the way I look at you, so why judge me?

I’m not trying to make you look bad or trying to impress you. I honestly don’t even think about you when doing these things for my kids. My focus is on them and their happiness. I actually think that it is pretty ridiculous that some mom’s get so upset when other moms go the extra mile for their kids. Are you jealous? Or just so unhappy in your own life that you feel the need to try to bring me down? Whatever it is stop. Just STOP!

No one is forcing you to do these things for your kids and you shouldn’t feel pressure to throw your kid an elaborate party just because I did for mine. I understand that you think it’s ridiculous that I ordered hand crafted decorations for my 3 year olds Jake and the Neverland Pirates themed birthday party, had it catered and that we all dressed up as character’s from the show. But guess what, she had a BLAST and that’s all that matters!

I will never forget her reaction when she saw all the decorations. She was so excited and couldn’t believe everything we did. Totally worth it! Not to mention she is going to have some great pictures to look back on when she’s older. To this day, almost a year later, she STILL talks about her party, the details and how we all dressed up! She is so excited about her party this year and has already been asking if we can start picking out decorations!

Next time you go to judge a mom who puts in a little extra effort for her kids, don’t. If you think she is doing too much, keep it to yourself. More than likely she is doing it out of the eminence love she has for her kids and not because she is trying to impress you. Besides, there is enough us moms have to deal with when it comes to raising kids. Try a compliment instead of a put down!

Do you go above and beyond for your kids? Tell us about it below

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