How To Be A Good Parent: 10 Simple Tips

10 tips to being a good parent

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Anyone can be a parent but it takes work and sacrifice to be a good parent. You have to be willing to mentor and guide your children through their youth to help mold them into strong, confident, intelligent individuals.

Here are 10 tips to help you be a good parent:

  1. You can NEVER be too loving. Time passes so fast and you will never get that time back. Be there, love your children. Hug them, Kiss them, tell them you love them. Support them, spend time with them. No one ever became spoiled because they were loved too much. There is a difference between loving your children and  supplementing your love with material things, which could result in spoiling.
  2. Be a good role model. Kids are very observant and learn a lot from watching us. Be aware of how you interact with others, especially your spouse or significant other.
  3. Listen to your children. Never disregard when your children want to talk to you. Listening to your children creates a bond, a sense of security and trust. It also lets your child feel validated and like their voice matters.
  4. Help them develop their talents and abilities. If they show interest in something or are particularly good at something, help them to continue to get better. Work with them, cheer them on, track their progress.
  5. Be involved in your child’s life. Is your child involved in a sport, club, or other extracurricular activity? If so, go to the games, watch their band concert, volunteer to be a coach or team mom. Help them practice at home and encourage them to always strive to be better. 10 Simple Tips To Help You Be A Good Parent Click To Tweet
  6. Make sure you and your spouse or partner are on the same parenting page. It is really hard to successfully parent when you have two different types of parenting styles in one home. Your child should know and understand that no matter who is around, the same rules and behavior expectations apply. If those rules are broken they should also know that discipline actions will be the same.
  7. Create fun memories. Your children probably won’t remember the day-to-day activities or many talks that you had, but they will remember family traditions, the trips you took, bed time rituals and times that you spent having fun together.
  8. Always do what is best for your children. Don’t worry about what other parents are doing, do what is best for your kids. Because what works well for one family, may not work for yours, and that’s OK! There is not one correct way to parent. If you tailor your parenting style to your child’s personality, then you will find success.
  9. Be your child’s best parent, not their best friend. Although children like to test boundaries, they also like to have rules and guidelines. It gives them a sense of security and belonging. As a parent, we should be there to protect and teach our children, not care whether they think we are cool or not. (Just a FYI most of the time, your kids won’t think you’re cool.)
  10. Give yourself a break. You are doing a great job! Parenting is hard and it takes work to be a good parent. Some days we may rock at parenting and other days we may feel like we’re not cut out for it. Just remember that nobody’s perfect. Despite what you may see on social media, we all have good days and bad days.

Want more tips on how to be a good parent? Check out one of my favorite books, Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids.


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