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KnowMom! Review: CozyPhones


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HeartIcon_love_smallHave you had a hard time finding headphones for your kids? I sure have! Seems like most kids headphones are just shrunken down adult versions. Furthermore, they never fit right, are uncomfortable and fall off every 2 seconds! I was about to give up on looking for kids headphones, when I received an email from CozyPhoes asking me to review their product.

After checking out their website, I was pretty excited. Finally, a pair of headphones that might actually work for kids! Once I agreed to do the review, I received a pair of CozyPhones for my girls to try, as well as a pair to giveaway! (See below for details on how to enter.) I have to say, I’m pretty impressed with this product and I think you will be too!

KnowMom! Review: CozyPhones

First of all, CozyPhones are made with the comfort of kids in mind. They are a stretchy fleece headband with thin speakers inside. In addition to being comfortable, the headband actually stays in place! My 4-year-old was dancing around with her tablet in hand while wearing her CozyPhones and they didn’t budge. Shocking, right?!
Heartfelt Review: CozyPhones

There is a small slit in the back of the headband where the speakers are inserted. The speakers inside the headband move around, so you can place them wherever is most comfortable for your kids. The speaker sound is very clear and surprisingly not heard from the outside. I was sitting next to my daughter when she first tried on her CozyPhones, and I had to ask her if they were working because I couldn’t hear anything!

Heartfelt Review: CozyPhones

A thin cord falls from the back and attaches to the device of your choice. I really like that cord, for the most part, is out-of-the-way. Since the cord is braided, you don’t have to worry about it getting tangled or little fingers breaking through rubber and exposing the wires. Which is great since both of my girls like to fidget with cords.

Heartfelt Review: CozyPhones

Not only are CozyPhones super comfy (my daughter’s words) they are also, super cute! They have a few different styles you can choose from, animals or a smiley face. The headband is washable, which is a huge plus for any kids product. (Just be sure to remove the speakers beforehand!) CozyPhones are great for traveling, long car rides or even just to use around the house.

They also sell adult headphones made in different materials and patterns.

You can purchase CozyPhones through Amazon or directly from their website, http://www.cozyphones.com.

And now the best part…You have a chance to win a set of kids CozyPhones! Just head on over to my Facebook page, hit the “Like” button, if you haven’t already, and follow the directions to enter. It’s that easy!

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Disclaimer: CozyPhones provided me with a pair of headphones to review on this blog. I did not receive compensation in exchange for this review. As always, all opinions are 100% my own and straight from the heart! 

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