Halloween Playdate

I love celebrating ALL holidays! I have so much fun decorating the house and seeing the girls faces light up. Yep, I’m one of those Mom’s! (Cue the eye rolls) I decorate for every holiday and will usually host a playdate or party to celebrate! I really enjoy hosting parties…especially themed parties!

Last week I hosted a Halloween playdate for my Mom’s group. We had about 15 kids and their awesome Mom’s over for an afternoon of Halloween fun. We had lunch, played in the water (because it’s still 85 degrees here in SoCal) and a did a Halloween craft. We all had a great time! Here are some pictures of our lunch and craft. Directions on how to make the craft are below!


For the kids I made mummy hot dogs and broom sticks ( string cheese on a pretzel stick)

IMG_6814 IMG_6815

For the Mom’s I made a sandwich platter, kale salad and a spicy oriental chicken pasta salad.

As requested, I will be posting a recipe for the pasta salad soon! =)



I made spooky dirt cups for the kids and a pumpkin mousse for the Mom’s!



Halloween Craft:

I put together a spider handprint craft for all of the kids to do. It’s super easy to put together and comes out really cute!

spider hand prints

What you need:

12″ cake rounds, orange construction paper, black paint, paint brushes, glue, eyes for the spiders, a hole punch and white string (about 8″ per person)

I prepped everything the night before by gluing the construction paper to the cake rounds, punching holes around the outside of the rounds and cutting the string.

The paper I bought was too small for the rounds, so either be sure to buy large sized paper OR you can just makeshift like I did and use two sheets per round.


How to make the spider handprints:

Paint your child’s hand black and have them make a handprint on the paper. Then paint the other hand and make a handprint so that the end of palms meet in the middle.

Or you can just let them be creative and do whatever they want! 😉



Once the paint is dry, glue eyes on your spiders and make a web by threading the string through the holes.


spider hand prints

They come out pretty cute and it’s a great keepsake decoration to use year after year!

Have a happy Halloween!!!

Live, Laugh, Love,


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