Few Of My Favorite Things: A Weekly List of My Favorites

Few of my favorite things

This post, as with any KnowMom! post, may contain affiliate links. (But don’t worry, I’ll be sure to spend the money on something important. Like a diamond tiara for my two-year-old.)

Hi Guys! I can’t believe it’s Thursday already! Things have been super crazy around here ever since I posted my meme with the kids/kangaroos. Seriously though, I never in a million years expected it to take off like it did. Insane! If you have no clue what I’m talking about, you can check it out here.

Hope your week is going well! Can you believe we are in the last month of summer?! As much as I’m ready for fall and this heat to be over, I want to savor these last few weeks. My big girl starts Pre-K next month, and I’m starting to feel a lump form in my throat every time I think about it. I’m super excited for her and all the new experiences she’ll have, but I’m also a little sad that she’ll be gone part of the day. It’s definitely going to take some getting used to! If you have any tips on ways to cope with sending your first off to school, send them my way! 😉

I’m excited to share my favorite things with you guys this week. It has some useful products as well as some fun stuff. Hope some of our favorite things are becoming your favorites as well!

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Here is this weeks list of my favorite things:

  1. No Tangle Brush. This brush is a lifesaver! Seriously, if your kids have hair that knots up easily, you have to try this brush. My daughter hated having her hair brushed or styled until I bought this brush. It takes out the knots without causing pain. It worked so well on my girl’s hair, I decided to get one for my self. I will never use another brush again!
  2. If you are looking to buy a booster car seat, check out the Britax Frontier. We bought one for our big girl a couple of years ago, and loved it so much, that we decided to buy one for our youngest.
  3. Have you guys seen Zootopia yet? If not, you have to! We saw it in the theater and recently bought the DVD. It’s really cute and has some great adult humor that goes right over the kiddos heads. One of my favorite Disney movies to date!
  4. My girls love to read! Recently their favorite book has been Giraffes Can’t Dance. This book is really cute and has a great message!
  5. We’ve been spending a lot of time outside playing in the water since it’s been so hot here. It’s nice to know that my girls are protected from the sun with Babyganics Mineral Based Sunscreen. I’ve been using this brand on our entire family since my oldest was a baby. That’s right, my husband and I use it as well and love it!
  6. My kids are always hungry. I mean always! It’s nice to have easy, healthy snacks when we are on the go. The girls love GoGo Squeez Applesauce. They have a variety flavors and an organic option.
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Well guys that it’s for this weeks Few Of My Favorite Things list. If you missed last weeks post you can catch it here! Hope you enjoy your weekend! Keep cool and I’ll catch you for next weeks Few Of My Favorite Things Post!

Live, Laugh, Love,

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