Father’s Day Hand Print Crafts with FREE Printouts

Father’s Day is just around the corner and I have some fun crafts your kids can make for Dad. My girls love to paint and make hand prints and they had a blast making these easy handmade keepsakes! You can either make them ahead of time and give them as a gift, or create these with Dad on Father’s Day. They all come out unique and special.

After my Mother’s Day craft posts, I received several comments asking how to get perfect hand prints. Unfortunately, there is no magic trick. You can try to position your child’s hand a certain way but 9 times out of 10 they get excited and move it at the last-minute or jump the gun and slap their hand down before you are ready. NONE of my crafts come out perfect, especially the ones involving hand and foot prints. But I really think that is what makes them special! So don’t stress over creating a masterpiece. Have fun with your kids and let them lead the way. Their little personalities will come out in whatever they create.

Here are 4 crafts to make for Dad this Father’s Day!

It takes a big heart…

Father's Day Hand Print Craft


I love this one! The message is sweet and it’s so easy to make. All you have to do is paint your child’s hand and make a hand print. I even have a FREE printout for you! My daughter decided to spread out her fingers really wide at the last-minute. After she pulled her hand away, she decided it wasn’t good enough and she slapped the paper again. Her hand print isn’t perfect, and that’s OK. I know my husband will get a good chuckle out of seeing this!

DAD Poster

Father's Day Hand Print Crafts


Using masking tape on card stock or poster board, spell out the word DAD. This is a good one for the older kids to do.
My 4-year-old pretty much did all the taping, hence all the little tiny pieces of tape.

Father's Day Hand Print Crafts

Have your kids paint the entire piece of paper. Make sure there are no white spots surrounding the tape. My girls chose their favorite colors, pink and purple. Once painted, let the paint dry completely.

Father's Day Hand Print Crafts

Once the paint is dry, peel off the tape. We had some areas where the paint made its way through the tape. Whatevs. The girls were so proud that they did this with very little help from me! This is definitely not perfect as you can see, BUT I know my husband will love the fact that they made this on their own.

Hand Print Heart

Father's Day hand print crafts

Choose two colors of paint. Start with the darker color and make one hand print. Let dry completely. Once dry, make second hand print overlapping the first to make a heart shape. Be sure to use the opposite hand and the second color of paint. Let dry and write a note in a heart shape around the hand prints. If you need to, you can draw a heart around the hand prints in pencil and the erase after you have written your note. Super easy and cute!

Daddy, when you hold my…

Father's Day hand print crafts

Father's Day Hand Print Crafts

I love this one! Again, super easy and cute! Let your kids choose the color for their hand prints, then let them decorate the heart however they’d like. My 2-year-old wanted to color hers in with crayon, while my 4-year-old wanted to paint hers. Here is a FREE printout if you’d like your kids to make one for Dad!

Have fun making these special keepsakes for Dad’s special day!

Live, Laugh, Love,

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