4 Easy Halloween Crafts For Kids


Looking for some easy Halloween crafts to do with your kids? I’ve got you covered! Here are 4 of my favorite easy Halloween crafts for kids.

Ghost Footprint:


This is by far the easiest craft on the list. It also makes such a cute keepsake for many Halloweens to come!
All you need is, black construction paper, white paint, and a paint brush.
Paint your child’s foot, and make a footprint. Once the paint is completely dry, use a black sharpie to draw on the eyes and mouth. You can also paint on the word “BOO” like I did, or anything else you’d like.
Once complete, take it to get laminated and you can hang it up year after year!

Pumpkin Decorating:


Super easy, and so much fun for the kids!
Grab some small pumpkins and some art supplies.
We used: paint, glitter glue pens, large glitter, and stickers
Wash and dry pumpkins. Set out all the decorating tools and let your kids go to town! Check out these 4 Easy Halloween Crafts for Kids! Click To Tweet

Handprint Spiders Webs:


Another simple but cute Halloween keepsake craft!
What you’ll need: cardboard, orange construction paper, black paint, hole punch, white string, bobble eyes.
Cut out circles on cardboard. Measure and cut Orange construction paper to fit circles.
Glue on paper and let dry completely.
Using a hole punch, make holes around the outer edge of the circle.
Paint hand black and make hand prints.
Once completely dry, glue on the eyes and use the white string to make the web by threading through the holes you punched.

Watercolor Spider Webs:


These awesome spider webs were a big hit!

What you’ll need: Water color paper, water color paints (we used black, blue, green, and purple), paintbrushes,
grey crayon, and salt.
Draw a spider web using a grey crayon on a white sheet of Watercolor Paper. It doesn’t have to be perfect. I drew the straight lines and then helped my girls fill them in.

4-easy-halloween-crafts-kidsOnce your paint is set up. Let your kids have fun and paint around the spider web.

4-easy-halloween-crafts-kidsMake sure that your kids don’t over saturate the page.


While the page is still wet, have your kids sprinkle salt all around it to give it a really cool mottled effect. Once completely dry, brush the salt off.

There you have it, 4 easy Halloween Crafts. Have fun making these throughout the Halloween season with your kids!


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