A Picture With Santa

You never know what you’re going to get when it comes to young kids and Santa photos. You go hoping to capture that perfect picture. All kids looking at the camera with a glowing smile on their faces, a Christmas card worthy photo. But let’s be real…how often does that happen? Especially with toddlers…NEVER! We’ve all seen those hilarious epic fail photos of kids with Santa. There are a few factors that could ruin your whole perfect Santa pic plan. The line could be long and your happy child turns into a total cranky pants by the time it’s their turn. They could fall asleep or scream out of fear of the man with the white beard! Whatever happens, there’s usually a story to go along with Santa photos.

My girls have always done pretty well meeting Santa. Over the past few years we have been lucky to hit short lines and the girls have been in a good mood. We’ve never had tears but last year getting them both to look at the camera and smile was like trying to pull off a difficult magic trick! This year we had high hopes. Neither one of the girls are afraid of meeting characters, they were dressed cute and they both were excited when they saw Santa from a distance. This is going to be a great pic! Wrong! Here’s what happened…

We decided to visit Santa at the mall since last year we had such a great experience. We went the weekend after Thanksgiving to beat the rush. When we walked into the second level of the mall the girls ran over to the rail to take a peek at him. He was standing there, no line, waving at everyone. The girls quickly got his attention and he gave them a big wave. Both of the girls waved back with big smiles on their faces. Alright, we’re off to a good start!

When we got in the elevator both of the girls were jumping up and down beyond excited to meet him. As soon as the doors opened, they practically bolted out. We walked up to where he was set up and he waved us right in. Kailey ran towards him yelling “Santaaaa!” and gave him a big hug almost knocking him over. Poor guy, but he’s got to be used to that right? Ally on the other hand, froze. She stood there staring at him like a deer in headlights, saying, “Santa” quietly to herself. I don’t know if she was scared, or in shock that he was real and standing there right before her.

Kailey called over to her and said “Come-on Ally, Come meet Santa!” She looked up at me and I said, “It’s OK, let’s go meet him!” She slowly started walking towards him, no emotion what so ever. What happened to that excited little girl jumping up and down in the elevator just one minute earlier? As we made our way closer to him he bent down to greet her and her little grip got tighter. I bent down to help with the introduction but it didn’t seem to help. He did his best to get her to laugh and smile but she just stared at him, with this holly crap expression on her face. After a minute or two of trying to get any reaction out of Ally, his attention went back to Kailey.

She had a great time talking to him and telling him all about our family, what we ate for Thanksgiving and different things she likes to do for fun. Thank goodness there was nobody in line behind us, she was so excited, she could not stop talking! Santa did such a great job of showing interest in everything she was saying. After a while I suggested we take a picture. “Ally, do you want to sit with Kailey and Santa?”, I asked. Feeling hopeful that after watching Kailey interact with him, she would want to go sit up there too. No such luck. Without any hesitation she sternly said “No!”. OK, so I guess Ally’s not going to be in the picture this year. If she’s afraid I’m not about to force her to sit with him.

Kailey then, bless her little heart says, “It’s OK Ally, he’s a cool guy!”. Ally then slowly started to walk towards them. I picked her up and sat her on his lap and slowly stepped back. She didn’t take her eyes off of me the entire time. We tried everything to get some sort of reaction out of her, but nothing. So our picture is Kailey smiling loving every minute of her Santa visit and Ally, totally uncomfortable. She has this look on her face like, what the hell Mom!


As soon as I took Ally off of his lap she started waiving to him, smiling and saying “Byeee”. She did that all the way back over to the elevator and then had to go look at him again from the second level. Maybe we’ll have better luck next year. Hey, at least both girls are looking at the camera!

How did your visit with Santa go? Share your stories below!

Live, Laugh, Love,

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