A Not So Ideal Day At The Pumpkin Patch


You know when you’re really excited about doing something, thinking it’s going to be great and have certain expectations of how things are going to go? Well, the complete opposite of what the hubs and I expected happened today. We’ve planned on taking the girls to the pumpkin patch for a few weeks, and we were really looking forward to it. Both of the girls know what they want Daddy to carve on their pumpkins and they were ready to find the perfect one. We decided to try a new Pumpkin Patch this year called Pumpkin Station. Through doing research and talking to friends who had visited this Pumpkin Patch, I was excited to go! It looked like a cute pumpkin fair with rides, games and a large selection of pumpkins! But when we got there we were disappointed to say the least.


(The reality of trying to take a picture of two toddlers!)

First off, it’s 90 degrees in the middle of October! UGH! Too hot for the girls to wear their cute Halloween shirts, bummer! Our youngest decided to take an early nap and fell asleep on the way over, so she was pretty out of it most of the time. Our oldest was cranky from the heat and neither one of them were into taking pictures. (However, we managed to capture quite a few smiles!) This pumpkin patch (if you really want to call it that) was a rinky-dink carnival at best. It had a poor selection of pumpkins, a ton of the 25 cent rides (like literally, you put 1 quarter into the machine to make it start), a few bounce houses, a petting zoo with a few goats who were dying of heat and had diarrhea (Poor things looked miserable!), 2 carnival games, and a few sketchy carnival rides that I wouldn’t want anyone I cared about to go on (Thank goodness the girls didn’t ask!). The saving grace for me was the little train. My daughter got to be the conductor and had the best time ringing the bell!


(This picture actually makes the pumpkin patch look good!)

Although we were a little shocked when we first walked in, the hubs and I still wanted to make the best of it. So we decided to let the girls do a few things, try to get some pictures with the few pumpkins they had, and then call it a day. Luckily the girls had fun going on a couple of the quarter rides, bounce houses, and the hubs and I took turns taking each of the girls on the train. After about an hour we were hot, sweaty, all had beat red faces and were ready to go! It looks like next year we will stick with our regular pumpkin patch. We were trying to beat the heat by staying close to home instead of going inland, but that didn’t work!

Oh yea, there was one last little gem to put the perfect touch on our day…Our youngest daughter was on one of the quarter rides when a little boy who couldn’t have been older than 7 walked by. My daughter who is 1 1/2 started waving at him. He stopped, stared right at her and gave her the finger! I gasped and said, “Hey, that’s not nice!”. He then turned around flipped me off and called me a b*!ch! I was beyond shocked!!! Perfecting ending to our not so ideal day at the pumpkin patch!

Here are some of the highlights…


The girls on one of the many 25cent rides


All smiles getting off the BIG slide


At least one of the girls was willing to pose with the pumpkins!


Feeding the goats…well out of the 5 goats this is one of the two who wasn’t lying around panting.

At the end of the day the girls had fun and that’s all that matters! Needless to say, we will not be going back to Pumpkin Station. We really had high hopes and wanted to love it, but didn’t. So we are still on the hunt to find pumpkins. We will be hitting up a couple more local pumpkin patches on Tuesday, which happens to be my birthday. Hopefully we will have better luck!

Have you ever been to a pumpkin patch with high hopes only to have it turn out to be a total flop? Tell us your stories below!

Live, Laugh, Love,


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