9 reasons we’re not going to “try” for a boy!


Ever since my husband and I found out that we were having another daughter, we’ve had people continuously ask us if we’re going to (and tell us we have to) try for a boy. It’s like there is some unwritten law that states, if you have two kids who are the same gender, you must try again for the opposite. We literally have random strangers telling us “Two girls, now you have to try for a boy!”. Ummm, thanks for your unsolicited opinion, but we will NOT be trying for a boy!

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For as long as I can remember, when I though about having a family, I always knew I wanted two kids. (Here’s the kicker, I also always wanted boys! Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be so happy having two girls!) Prior to getting married, when my husband and I had the “kids talk”, we both agreed that we wanted two and only two kids. When it came down to it, we didn’t care If we had boys, girls or one of each. We just wanted them healthy and knew that we only wanted two!


We ended up with two hilarious, smart, outgoing, sweet, beautiful girls who we adore! Our hearts are full and our family is complete! Our reason of only wanting two kids never seems to satisfy inquiring minds. Sooo, here are 9 reasons why we will NOT be trying for a boy…

  1. We want to do it ALL! (Or at least try to do it all.) Be their team coach, attend all sporting events/performances, volunteer in their classrooms, be on the PTA, etc. My husband and I feel that it will be difficult for us to do all of these things with more than two kids. If both girls have an event on the same day and time, no problem, they will each have one of us there to support them. (For those of you who are able to do these things while raising more than two kids, you are amazing! I am pretty sure we would be totally stressed out trying to do all this with 3 or more! Who am I kidding, we will probably be stressed out doing this with two! But it will be worth it!)
  2. We don’t feel that we are missing out on anything by having two girls! (Although people like to tell us otherwise.)
  3. Kids are expensive and we aren’t millionaires! We want to be able to go on family trips, continue having passes to Disneyland and the Zoo. Be able to sign them up for whatever sports or extracurricular activities they want to participate in. The more kids you have, the more it adds up!
  4. We LOVE going to amusement parks! We go quite often and it is more fun when everyone has a partner to ride rides with. No one likes to be left out and really, how much fun is it to sit by yourself?!
  5. No one fights over who gets to sit by the window in the car. Car rides can be stressful as it is, especially long ones. One less argument to worry about. Hooray!
  6. Restaurants seem to be built for families of four. We like to go out for lunches on the weekends and sometimes dinners. It’s so much easier when you don’t have to wait for a larger table to be put together!
  7. When we are out with the kids alone, we have a hand for each one. We are currently in full-blown toddler mode and both girls always want to walk everywhere! Having a hand for each one is not only convenient, it’s necessary!
  8. I really don’t want to go through pregnancy again! Don’t get me wrong, I thinks it’s an amazing experience but both of my pregnancies were tough. The first one wasn’t as bad because all of the excitement that goes along with being pregnant for the first time. Also, I was able to rest when I was tired or lay out on the couch when I was too sick to do anything. With my second pregnancy, I had a very active toddler to look after. It was really hard being so sick, so tired and super stressed chasing after a toddler! I can’t imagine going through that again. (Even though it’s totally worth it in the end!)
  9. We would probably end up with another girl! Two girls I can handle, the thought of three scares me!


Everyone has their own opinion on what the perfect number of kids is and their reasons why. So please, stop asking/telling us to try for a boy. It’s not going to happen! We are happier than we could have ever imagined with our girls and wouldn’t trade our family for anything!

What is the perfect number of kids for you? Tell us below.

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  1. Ellen Whiteside
    September 29, 2015 at 7:51 pm (2 years ago)

    Great blog Kristin, those are great reasons not to try for a third little one! Love you…😀


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