6 Types Of Kids You Will Find At The Playground

6 Types of Kids You'll find at the playground

A few weeks ago we met my friend and her kids at the park for a playdate. While watching our kids take turns going down the slide, I began to tell her how hot the slides were at a park we were at earlier in the week. Out of nowhere, this little punk kid starts yelling at me mid-climb on the ladder across the way, “Hey you! Hey, youuuu!”. I turn around, “Are you talking to me?”. In the most sarcastic tone he says, “The slides are not hot, I’ve been down every one of them. You don’t know what you are talking about!”. Say whaaaat! My friend and I looked at each other in shock! I would have never spoken to an adult that way at his age! At that point I started to take notice of the other kids. I then realized that there are 6 types of kids you see almost every time you go to the playground.

1. The Playground Enthusiast. This little one is having the time of their life! Running around with a huge smile plastered to their face, laughing at nothing at all, giving hugs to random kids and genuinely having a great time. Going to the playground is the highlight of their day and the only thing that could ruin it, is someone telling them it’s time to take a break for lunch or it’s time to go home.

2. The Punk. This kid has balls! They push smaller kids out-of-the-way, they dictate where other kids can or can not play, they cut in line to go down the slide and they talk to any adult around like they’re an idiot. Where are this kid’s parents? Because honestly, it is taking everything in me not to go off on him!

3. The Sicko. This kid is running around the playground with snot running out of their nose and coughing on everything and everyone. Did she just, yep, she wiped her snotty little hands on my daughters arm! Get this kid home!

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4. The Whiner. This kid cries over everything! Having to wait their turn to go on the swing brings on a full melt down. If this kid takes a spill in the sand it’s over! Pretty much anything and everything makes this kid cry. Umm…I think it may be nap time for you!

5. The Instigator. This kid is trying to get your kid to cause trouble with them. Whether it be to throw sand at other kids, pour mud on the slide or just be a jerk. Keep an eye on this kid, because if your kid is going to learn bad habits, it’s going to come from the instigator!

6. The too old to be at the playground. This is usually a group of kids in their mid teens. They dominate the play equipment and don’t care that they are intimidating the little ones. They play tag while jumping off the top of the slide, and are pretty much obnoxious the entire time. They think they are so funny and cool. Guess what, you’re not funny or cool! It’s great that you are a teen and still enjoy playing on the playground; but my 3-year-old is having to cling on for dear life every time you come barreling across the bridge chasing after your friend. So maybe tone it down a bit, at least while little ones are around. OR go do something normal teenagers do. Beach? Movies? Mall? The opportunities are endless!

Thankfully, you won’t always see all 6 of these kids running around every time you go to the playground. But I guarantee you will see a couple.

Do you have an experience with one of these types of kids at the playground? Tell us about it below.

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